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Our expert English specialized linguists prepare your documents to the highest level of English and in perfect grammar.


Learn English with the support of a one-to-one teacher, speaking group and via our live webinars.

Welcome to The English Square,

a one-stop English solution where we have a team of English linguists, lawyers and businessmen dedicated to providing you with accurate English texts.

The English Square offers proofreading services for just about any kind of document. Mostly dealing with proofing academic thesis, legal contracts, and business proposals, we are ready to open your opportunities by take editing grammar, punctuation, choice of words and sentence structure to the highest level of English.

Our English teachers are fun, well-educated and experienced. They are ready to take you on a language learning journey today. Learn English through one-on-one classes with an expert English teacher today!

Why choose us?

  • 8 hour turn around time
  • Highly qualified & experienced English linguists
  • Affordable long-term solution
  • 1400+ clients from 37 different countries
  • Documents are kept confidential
  • Free 15 minute online face-to-face consultation
  • 100% accuracy
Join our global network of over 37 different countries

What is our offering?

  • proofreading: theses/dissertations, emails, proposals, contracts, articles, books

  • English lessons

  • Webinars

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  • Zach



    Originally from South Africa and raised in Australia, Zach is...
  • Rebecca



    Currently based in Chicago (USA), I have been teaching English...
  • John Mathew

    John Mathew

    John Mathew

    I am a professional teacher from Cape Town with many...
  • Jessica



    American born, Jessica started her fascination with languages while in...
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