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American born, Jessica started her fascination with languages while in high school. Initially, her focus was in classical, Latin studies. Her enrollment in Honors carried over onto a collegiate level at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While in Knoxville, she was a member of the Eta Sigma Pi Society and participant of the Urbino Summer Study Abroad Program.

After studying Italian in Urbino, Jessica had the longing to return to Italy several years later. Her longing landed her in Milan where she became a private English tutor under the English Playgroup agency. Her experience working under the English Playgroup afforded her the privilege to teach individuals at all ages from toddler to adult.

Jessica’s approach includes implementing adaptable teaching mechanisms. She uses techniques which go hand-in-hand with practicality and how each person specifically learns best. While toddlers do best with playtime, adults benefit with written and verbal contexts they use daily.

Jessica now resides in Dallas, Texas with business in real estate. She enjoys traveling, dancing and spending time with her two kittens, Bonnie and Clyde.