I am a professional teacher from Cape Town with many years of experience, both in the classroom and business. I have a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience in fields such as journalism, media, engineering, business and philosophy.

I began my career in the mechanical engineering field, and after qualifying, was asked to join the faculty as a junior lecturer. During this time I completed a post-grad Higher Diploma in Post School Education. My particular area of particular interest was the use of technology in the classroom.

However, after some six years, I felt a calling to the media industry where I stayed for twenty five years. During this time I produced multimedia content for children, computer-based university courses, content for radio and television as well as music and on-line and print content. I also established a community Radio Station which I managed for eight years.

In the year 2000, I embarked on a Masters degree in Philosophy, which I completed in 2004. My thesis dealt with Post-Modern culture and its influence on traditional religious paradigms.

In 2014, at the age of fifty five, I decided to take the Cambridge CELTA course, and, after qualifying, accepted a teaching post in the Middle East, where I remained for two years. During these two years of teaching English as a foreign language, I gained a excellent grasp of how to assist students in using English effectively and, in the case of my business students, profitably as well. As part of my duties, I was assigned to do teacher training via their online teaching platform.

My approach to teaching is descriptive and narrative, rather than prescriptive, with the goal of quickly building vocabulary and fluency without being over-encumbered with unnecessarily complicated grammar. Rather than supply students with rote answers, I like the “Guided Discovery” methodology of teaching and get a kick out of witnessing the “aha” moment. I believe that a well-crafted question is often worth a hundred rote answers.