Officially launched in July 2018, we started our first online group sessions with our dedicated students who have been taking one-on-one classes over the past few months/years.


Group sessions are absolutely essential for students to build their confidence when speaking English. It’s not enough to learn a language in isolation with just one teacher. Language is designed for people to communicate in many different contexts. At The English Square, we want to see students’ development on all levels.


Our feedback from the students overall was great. Students feel that the group sessions are interesting as it enables them to hear different points of view, communication styles and builds their own confidence when speaking.


We covered an array of topics such as credit culture, the digital era, the importance of networking. In one group sessions, we had students from Russia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, France and Italy. Each student had the opportunity to evaluate the other speakers by voting the best and worst speaker and reasons for their choice. The votes were anonymous and the most-voted best speaker was congratulated after the class.


This exercise brings a sense of self-awareness. Some students who thought they spoke fantastically were surprised by how difficult it was for others to understand them. Other students had a low confidence when speaking but realized that they’re actually not that bad, after being voted the best speaker.


Well done to Philippe who was July’s best speaker!