What are the main points discussed in the article? How does this affect how you will decide what to study at university?


The main point discussed in this article was how computers and technology in general can replace human work. The article’s point was also about the robots’ inability for replacing all jobs operated by people nowadays. They pointed out that the most important qualities to possess in the future are creativity, imagination, emotional thinking and strategy.


The jobs operated by people in the future will be connected with these four main aspects. I don’t think that people should feel frightened or upset about losing their job. I think that the replacement will appear slowly in our community. We shouldn’t be thinking about getting a job that can’t be replaced. If our dream job has something to do with math we should follow our dreams and be satisfied  with our results. Especially in a country like Poland where the news about everything comes last as we could see in the past, when there were new trends in style etc:. Poland was always the last one to adapt the idea from west Europe.


I think the idea of human replacement should not scare me, because math is the last thing I want to do in the future. I think that people like to panic too soon and, overall, they care about the future too much.I think that people shouldn’t stress out about their replacement, because technology is only willing to help us so everything works smoother. There always will be a job for human beings so in my opinion stressing out about something that doesn’t affect us right now is just pointless.


I actually don’t mind computers taking over some jobs because that’s just how it’s meant to be and nothing can stop the progress technology is making. This article also doesn’t affect me at any costs because I’m a creative person and working in the office or being an accountant would be the worst job for me. I really like thinking about solutions to some problems and overall using my imagination.

Written by Basia (English student)

Edited by The English Square



In reference to: https://hbr.org/2018/01/the-future-of-human-work-is-imagination-creativity-and-strategy  


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