In many countries, people no longer feel the need to get married because they earn their own income. I eighty-percent agree with this fact.


It seems that the number of marriages has been decreasing since 1950 and the post-war period. During the Second World War, the world discovered the power of women. Their contributions were very important for the different nations. Women acquired different rights like the right to vote and to work.


This right to work was and always is important for her. With this right, they can work and earn an income, so they are more independent. This fact had consequences on the number of marriages. Effectively, marriage could be a way of life for women. Women had a financial security. The man worked and earned money and woman did household tasks and raised children.


With the right to work, there has been a new balance between women and men. Women are more independent and they do not have the need to get married to live. Marriage is not a need or a security. So, the fact that women earn their own income has been changing the importance of this need. Women’s independence has also changed the significance of marriage.


Indeed, while the women’s financial independence was the starting point of this change, except for in many countries where the women’s right to work is ancient, the significance of marriage has evolved. Today, women get married, not by need but by wish. And this desire has also changed. But, this fact is true for women and men. The concept of engagement is different nowadays. Some people do not consider marriage like the true engagement. For a lot of people, marriage is a constraint. Moreover, this concept of engagement is also different. Less and less people seem to want to get married. We often hear that having a child is more important than marriage.


In my point of view, women’s financial independence has changed the need of marriage. But, today, we have a new concept of marriage and its significance and willingness to get married.

– Philippe Lauziere

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  1. I disagree with this article, because in Russia many women want to get married. Yes, now, women are more independent, but it is not a reason not to get married. It’s true that marriage puts constraints on people. When you are a single woman, you can do anything and when you are married you have to discuss all your decisions with your husband and sometimes he doesn’t take your side and we need to find a balance and solution. I think that, today, the main meaning of marriage is to be happy and to stay together for rest of their lives.

    1. I completely agree with you. This meaning of marriage is complementary with the notion of engagement. Nowadays, people who get married really love each other and they want to fight for love. They want to prove their love. In my point of view, marriage is the most important engagement and maintaining a marriage is the most difficult thing in the life. 

  2. I partially agree with the article because marriage was not only a guarantee of security for women and a way of dividing different responsibilities among women and men, but also it was mostly a political tool for making new alliances or stopping long wars. For example, making alliances with your enemy through marriage or having children. In today’s day and age, the meaning of marriage has changed and most progressive countries already permit not necessarily getting married in an official way, but just living together as official partners where all laws that previously applied only to families are applicable to these such partners. So I think now it’s mostly a wish of two people to seal their relationship in someway.

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