Motivation is still one of the biggest issues with students when learning English. Even though we have started with group lessons as a means to broaden students’ horizons, improve speech within a group and keep the desire for improvement there, more still needs to be done. In order to really see true improvement in English speaking, bad habits need to be broken. This requires doing daily exercises which can often be tedious and boring. This is where Instagram comes in handy!


We are utilizing Instagram as a learning tool for our students to start breaking bad habits, build their vocabulary and keep the motivation strong with imagery. At The English Square, we encourage students to do daily exercises such as imitation exercises, watch English videos on YouTube and study new expressions but oftentimes students just lose momentum and drive.


Our wonderful teachers will now be updating the Instagram page on a daily basis. Use this tool to keep you on track. It’s easy, fun and requires very little effort from you! We want to see you succeed in your journey to acquiring English but this will require work on your part. See you on Instagram where a world of new expressions, vocabulary and English exercises awaits!