I have always known that people are not themselves when they strive for success and reading the article about psychopaths has only strengthened me in my conviction. They operate without empathy and understanding, just like animals – instinctively.


People can be monsters when they have an excess of authority, a goal they want to achieve, or want to take revenge on someone. They often cannot control themselves and will do anything to achieve it. The desire for power or success is related to satisfying individual needs and ambitions, and thus, not paying attention to other people, often those closest to us. We often hurt them, which agrees with the definition of sadism. It results from the value of a given person – focusing on a career, or on family and friends.


I think that the most important values ​​that should be upheld and cared about in present society are family, love, honesty, trust, friendship and empathy. Thanks to these values, people can uphold good relationships with one another and are able to sympathize. Emotions are one of the most important factors affecting the perception of the world by humans.

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  1. Hi there,

    First of all thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Sometimes, I have the same feeling as you express in the article. They (or should I say ‘we’) are often narrow-focused on themselves, on their targets, and forget other aspects in life (family, friends and community). We are like machines programmed to be the best; cold and insensitive. We are under pressure and our brain is in stress mode, overreacting to anything that can interfere with our goals.

    But other times, I’m more optimistic. I see people cooperating and sharing with others. For instance, initiatives in technology (like open source, open hardware, collaborative spaces, etc.) join people to work together towards something bigger than themselves without any economic goal. This is not new. If we look at our evolution we have been cooperating and sharing since the beginning of humanity and it is probably the reason why we got here.

    We are in a continuous fight between being a individual and being part of a community. We need to find a balance between an individual with one’s own ideas, values, goals and at the same time being part of a community that builds something bigger with common goals. Collaboration without losing our essence as individuals – that’s the conundrum. It’s not easy but I’m sure that in the long run cooperation is going to take us to a better place.

    PS: just for math lovers: “The evolutionary advantage of cooperation” Ole Peters and Alexander Adamou. https://arxiv.org/abs/1506.03414

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