It is no doubt that listening to music can drastically decrease your stress level. Japanese scientists found out that after a short session of listening to music, your blood pressure, body surface temperature and heart rate variability will improve.


In my opinion, this is a really important discovery because stress can lead to a lot of various illnesses and if we could listen to music and actually prevent some of them, that would be fantastic. Sometimes we all feel stressed and discombobulated – thus, it’s a good thing to know that music indeed helps us with that problem.


I, just like every other person, often experience stress. No matter who we are or what we do, we tend to get nervous. Anxiety and stress is inevitable. You’re bound to encounter it at some point in your life but it’s good to know that there is an easy way to throw stress out the window and regain your sense of calamity.  You have no control over people at work/school so it sometimes doesn’t depend on you.


Moving on to my personal experience, I am usually a really laid back and positive person but when something gets on my nerves, I tend to listen to music. I find it really soothing and stress-relieving. My favorite kind of music genre is R&B and pop. R&B because I just really like the rhythm and rap. Pop because I sometimes prefer listening to something more soothing also I like listening to Beyoncé for example who has a very beautiful voice. I don’t really like any other genre of music but that’s just my personal opinion.


Some of my favorite Christmas songs: