Time & Consistency

Dec 20 / Rebecca Hope
In today's world, an impulsive culture of quick success permeates many disciplines. The reality, however, is that time is essential for healthy progress. Time's companion is consistency. This applies to speaking, writing and teaching too. It sounds so simple to become diligent but what tends to happen is that motivation is lost or distractions take us off track over time. 
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As I see students come and go, their attendance and performance results are monitored over time. Some start super enthusiastic and excited but end up completely drifting away once their enthusiasm wears off. Others have intense periods of high productivity, lay low for a few months, and then return keen to learn again. Neither of these approaches actually work in the long run. 
Understandably, you may have a busy schedule and are wondering about whether you're able to dedicate 15 - 60 minutes per day to a speaking or writing course. Improving in language skills is like building muscle. In order to build muscle, you need to stay disciplined and work out consistently. The same is true for building your writing, speaking, or teaching "muscle". 
Speaking, writing and teaching are not one-dimensional - they are layered by nature. Deep under the surface of such performances are themes, context, politics, positioning, awareness, personality, identity, history, and vision. Tone, coherence, clarity, dynamics, rhythm, concept mapping, syntax, and word choice are but a few layers on the surface. Unpacking each layer takes time, care, practice and guidance. 

Enrolling in a course goes against the culture of content consumption. As opposed to looking up a quick lesson on YouTube or reading an interesting article on your favorite site, a course is not a quick fix - it is a dedicated process which you choose to undergo to deeply shift your perspectives and practices. Learning methods and techniques are implemented to achieve these goals. Time is structured to foster consistency, discipline and new habits.

Consistency may be holding you back from progressing. Just think of it this way - if you don't make time for your learning journey, when will you? There will always be work and responsibilities in life. It is up to you to choose your personal progression and transformation. The great thing about our courses is that an instructor is there to check up on you, motivate you, and walk a road of progression with you.

Becoming a better writer, speaker or teacher is possible. Transforming the nature of your speech, writing and teaching is possible. Shifting your habits to discipline and consistency is also very possible. It starts with a decision to shift from a patchy style of learning to allowing a new approach that will lead to long-term change. Take the time, invest in yourself, and choose to be consistent.
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