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Did you know?

✓ 75% of adults feel nervous when speaking in public

✓ When facts are presented in the form of a story, people are 22 times more likely to remember them

✓ COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the need for new skills in the workforce, with social and emotional skills in high demand
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Learn the fundamentals of speaking and how to become a more impactful speaker. Rebecca has trained over 1500 individuals to become more effective communicators. Her students have gone on to thrive in the workplace, their social lives and personal growth journeys.

Expert linguist Rebecca Hope uses her international award-winning experience in music performance, language and broadcasting to empower others to speak with excellence. She has worked with top speakers and representatives of leading companies from over forty countries on developing their speaking abilities to move with impact in a global context.  

Rebecca's approach to public speaking is rooted in two disciplines: language and music. Her work as a linguist has extended to teaching English, training English teachers, and launching her own online course platform. In music, starting as a competing award-winning violinist and choral singer, she later pursued writing, recording and performing her own music on world-renowned stages.  

Broadcasting leading voices led Rebecca to address the need for story-telling development. Her experience interviewing sportsmen of international teams, hosting a radio show at MFM in South Africa and a Blockchain news show Meet The Makers at Block News in Los Angeles highlighted a lack of skills many individuals have in communicating stories effectively.  

Rebecca's multidimensional contemporary understanding of public speaking in various contexts has been the driving force behind improving individuals' ability to speak with confidence and excellence across industries. Her mission is to continue to inspire, empower and bring her training to individuals across the board.

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‘’Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to connect with an audience, pass over your intentions, share your personality and invite others into your home". - Public Speaking Coach, Rebecca Hope
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"Elevate Your Flow" by Public Speaking Coach Rebecca Hope
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Learn how to...

  • tell good stories
  • boost your confidence
  • communicate effectively
  • elevate your speaking flow
  • expand your speech awareness
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Success Stories

What have previous speakers experienced?

✓ successful investments
✓ successful partnerships 
✓ boosted industry reputation
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Why choose public speaking coaching?

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Luke had been feeling held back for years. As a CEO, he was excellent at managing companies and had a successful career. His work spoke for him. But he couldn't speak for himself.

In social settings and in work meetings, he preferred to speak less. The thought of all eyes on him was terrifying. He hated feeling judged and did not feel comfortable at all communicating his true thoughts and feelings. 

After many years of struggling with public speaking, Luke decided to start the journey of asking for help. He enrolled in public speaking courses and got a coach to help him overcome his fears. 

Today, Luke is able to comfortably speak in front of groups and in one-on-one conversations with ease. He no longer feels anxiety and now embraces every speaking opportunity. 

5-stars all round!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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You're in Good Company

Speakers representing some of the world's leading companies have taken Rebecca's training, including
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Deutsche Bank



Turkish Airlines

Banco BAI




weekly podcast 

"Strategic Speaking" every Wednesday for your dose of motivation 💪 

Episode 4: The TED Formula. Sharing some secrets, tips and advice from working with TED talkers.
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Now Is Your Time to Shine ✨

transform negatives into positives


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poor speech 
weak concepts
disjointed tempo
problematic pronunciation
intentions and message unclear


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clear speech
captivating concepts
engaging tempo and rhythm 
articulate and sharp pronunciation
clear intentions and strong message



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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, and to sit down and listen.”  

– Winston Churchill

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