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Public Speaking Essentials Course

The #1 Public Speaking Course to overcome fears, upskill and grow in your personal and professional life. 
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Course Lessons

Frequently asked questions

How are the courses taught?

Through audiovisual lessons, readings, interactive writing and speaking activities. 40% of the course is generative learning, meaning the information is inside of you and unlocked through the practical activities embracing both a cognitive and behavioural approach.

Do I have access to all the lessons immediately?

No. Lessons are unlocked sequentially, meaning one by one. New lessons are unlocked every 3 days to give you the time to do each activity with care, thought and attention.

How do I contact support if I need help?

Simply send an email to [email protected]

Do I have to do all the assignments?

Yes, it is required to do all the assignments. There are no deadlines however. You can complete them in your own time.

What if I don't feel comfortable recording my own voice?

Do what you feel comfortable with. Voice recordings are not required to be uploaded to the platform.

Can I also have live coaching?

Live coaching is also an option at an additional cost. Contact [email protected] to book sessions.

If I want to upgrade from Introductory to Advanced, do I have to pay for the entire course?

No. You can be upgraded and pay the difference.
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