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Online English Teaching Course

Prepare yourself for the online English teaching space. Learn how to practically build a high income as an online English teacher. 
SELF-PACED | 60 hours
Earn up to $45/hour
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 Graded certificate
first language English speakers

Start a career as an online English teacher

From the comfort of your own home, start logging in to a wonderful new world as an online English teacher.

Why enroll in this course?

 Learn how to build an high income as an online English teacher
 Meet people from all over the world and learn about different cultures 
 Feel prepared for the online English teaching space
 Learn how to manage conversational lessons
 Complete the course at your own pace 
 It's packed with stimulating videos, audio and visual material 
 Earn your money spent on the course back within 2-4 weeks of working as a full time ESL teacher

Who will you teach?

With over 2 billion second language English speakers in the world, you can teach students from up to 50 different countries as an English teacher.

Depending on the website you teach on, you can choose to teach adults or children, in groups or one-to-one, and of different English proficiency levels.
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How much can you earn as an online English teacher?

ESL teachers can earn up to $45 an hour working from home. Entry-level teachers generally earn $20 - $30/hour.

Many teachers start at rates under $15/hour - this course shows you how to not end up with this rate.

You can choose to work part-time, full-time or on a flexible schedule (depending on the school you work for).

What you'll learn

  • understand the e-learning space for teaching English
  • personalize income models
  • understand the scope of students
  • conduct conversational lessons
  • create an educational resource base 
  • use e-learning tools
  • determine a success strategy

Transformative Program

Hosted on an easy-to-use platform, you’ll log in to your course and be guided by live sessions with your instructor. The course is loaded with fun and stimulating activities that will challenge you. Video and audio resources bring every important topic to light. You will be required to teach and put what you’ve learnt into practice. 


With many different English teaching websites, it can be confusing and difficult to build a sustainable income as an online English teacher. In this course, you will be equipped with three different income models and gain a comprehensive understanding of the online English teaching space. 


Our teachers

Teachers before and after enrolling in the OET course


not enjoying lessons
unable to adapt to student diversity
difficulty sustaining conversational lessons
unaware of the full scope of opportunities
earns a low teaching income


loves lessons
adapts easily to student diversity
manages conversational lessons with ease
understand the full scope of opportunities
earns a high teaching income


  • scenario-based assignments
  • authentic teaching styles
  • psychologically stimulating
  • video & audio resources
  • personalized feedback
  • graded certificate
Interesting lessons with your instructor Rebecca Hope

Great reviews

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After completing this 60-hour online course, your journey as an online ESL teacher begins.

1. Complete this OET course

Enroll in the 60-hour OET course and complete it at your own pace. You have 6 months access.

2. Get accepted to teach online

Use your certificate from this course to apply to online ESL schools and use your 14-week plan to start building your income.

3. Start earning up to $45 per hour

Depending on the school you apply to and your previous work experience and/or qualifications, earn an hourly rate, contract rate, or salary as an online ESL teacher. The choice is yours.

What you'll need

In order to enroll in this course, please ensure that you meet the following requirements. 

Audio & Visual

You will need a smartphone or computer with basic audio and video recording capabilities.


A high school certificate is the basic requirement. However, it is preferred that you have a Bachelor's degree. You also need to be computer literate and be able to upload written, video and audio assignments. 


We only accept students who are motivated to develop their abilities and fully intend on completing the course.


This course is only open to advanced English speakers. You should have the highest level of proficiency in writing, reading, listening and speaking in English. 

Graded Certification 

  • OET-Certified

    Upon completion of this course, you will receive a graded certificate. This can be used to add to your credentials and apply to online (ESL) English teaching jobs.  
  • Internationally recognized

    If you do not yet have a teaching qualification, you can choose to enroll in the TEFL course too which is internationally recognized.
Easy as one, two, three

Choose the right OET course for you  

  Essential OET course  

For TEFL, CELTA or TOEFL-certified teachers. 
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This is the pure online English teaching course which trains already-qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers to build a high income as an online English teacher.
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  • 33 Online English teaching lessons 
  • Income building models
  • 14-Week Income Plan

OET + 60-Hour TEFL course

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If you don't have a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language), CELTA or TOEFL qualification, the certificate obtained will qualify you as an entry-level ESL teacher. However, many online schools require that you have a 120-hour qualification.
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  • 6 modules of TEFL
  • An entry-level TEFL course
  • Certificate of completion issued
  •  Essential OET course included 

OET + 120-hour TEFL course

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If you don't have a TEFL, CELTA or TOEFL qualification, the certificate obtained will qualify you as an ESL teacher. Most ESL schools accept this certificate. 
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  • 22 modules of TEFL
  • An advanced TEFL course
  • Internationally recognized certificate
  •  Essential OET course included 
Not a qualified teacher yet? Enroll in the online TEFL course today.
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