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Improving the Efficiency of Your Company

Does your company...

✓ Need a professional group English language training?

✓ Employ non-native English speakers?

✓ Suffer from communication breakdowns?

✓ Have staff that needs improvement in corporate language competence?

✓ Need a customized English course built around your company’s unique needs?

Streamlined Process

Course Content

  • Customer service, dealing with customers
  • Communication skills
  • Grammar and accuracy
  • Presenting
  • Negotiating
  • Writing skills
  • Accent control
  • Building conversations; identify, intelligent guessing, linking ideas, asking questions
  • Resume writing
  • Business Communication and Vocabulary
  • Interview Skills
  • Email Etiquette.
  • Off-site activities give students real-world
  • Topics in business
  • Intercultural and communication skills
  • Voice training
  • Legal English
  • Customer service
  • Role play

Meet Our Teachers

4 Key Methods

One-on-one lessons with a teacher with a general outline of 70% speaking and listening discussion (the teacher chooses the topics), 20% reading and 10 % grammar. If the company’s goals differ, we will shift the focus of the different areas. At The English Square, we believe in learning with individual attention. Therefore, the lessons are tailor-made to fit the student’s needs. We have seen hundreds of students improve drastically within 3 months; speaking more confidently, clearly and connecting more with their colleagues.

Group lessons primarily designed to develop students speaking skills when presented in a situation with different personalities. It’s sometimes easier speaking one-on-one than in a group. Our general methodology is centered around topic-based discussions in a small group of no more than 6 students with a teacher. Through this collaborative way of learning, English students learn how to approach unexpected situations, improving their improvisation skills. Employees will also learn how to collaborate with their colleagues at the work place by communicating more quickly and more effectively.

Our courses focus on general and professional writing skills depending on the level of student’s English proficiency and the company’s industry. We have seen students improve drastically in their spelling, punctuation, grammar, research-writing skills, resume-writing skills, business-writing skills and technical-writing skills. Through practical approaches like case studies and assignments our students improve their writing skills.

Our webinar lectures focus on specific topics. Our students tune into a webinar and listen to lectures given by our teachers on specific topics. This form of learning is more passive but the teacher will address core common issues identified in students’ English usage from the individual and group classes. Webinars brings about an uplifting atmosphere despite the challenges faced in language acquisition.

Although our English courses are highly specialized with qualified linguists and experienced English teachers, you will not overspend in getting the best quality for your company.

Prior to the start of our courses we meet with your company to fully understand its business, the needs of its employees (accent reduction, fundamental language skills, grammar, memo writing, etc.), and the goal of the organization. We look at the time the company has, the courses and packages that we offer and the budget that the company has in mind. After considering all these we tailor make the best language course for the company. Our courses are both In-Company and online courses depending on your location.


To date our courses have been taken by individuals from over 37 different countries.

Affordable Solution

Customized Courses

We understand that different companies and employees have different needs with different English proficiency levels. This is why prior to starting the course, we emphasize meeting with a company to understand its business, the needs of their employees (accent reduction, fundamental language skills, grammar, memo writing, etc.), and the goal of the organization.


Our qualified English teachers have a background knowledge and skills in different fields. Therefore, after understanding the company’s business, we match the group to the best teacher with a basic understanding of the company’s field. Our course materials include videos (panel discussions, speeches, interviews, movie scenes, podcasts), documentaries, articles (Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, Psychology Today, etc), textbooks (IELTS preparation), online English exercise sites (English Page), business English references and materials, online business English exercises, and business case studies.


Should you require our teachers to teach material specific to your company, our teachers will undergo a training session of the compiled customized material specific to your company/industry.

Cross-Cultural Communication

People from different parts of the world express themselves uniquely through language, non-verbal gestures, and space relationships. This is brought about by the presence of diverse  cultures. Cross-cultural communication in business plays an important role in a company operating successfully. If communication is effective, the product or service is suitably tailored to the cultural norms and expectations resulting in the use or purchase of the product.


Ineffective communication cross-culturally can offend, confuse or send a misunderstood message which could lead to broken relations with customers, investors or other employees. It is therefore crucial to educate employees on cross-cultural communication for effective and successful business practice.  

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