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Different to other English schools, our foundational principles rest on the deep understanding of how the brain acquires a language. Today, it is easy to sign up for an English course or work with a teacher who did a short course in English teaching. Taking a short course or relaxed lessons every now and then is not going to set you on a path to improving your English.


At The English Square, we believe in learning with individual attention, in a collaborative way (in small groups) and a lot of practice. It is not enough to learn one-on-one with a teacher. It is also not enough to learn in a group. This is why we strongly encourage selecting our MONTHLY package whereby you dedicate to taking weekly lessons and actively contribute to 2 group lessons per month.


Activate your English by watching TV shows, videos online, doing imitation exercises, writing journals and blog posts. Bring energy to your lesson and be willing to give to the discussion. Discuss what’s been on your mind, your opinions and invite your teacher into your world. We are here to see you grow! Let’s start speaking.

Scheduling for Current Students

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New Students


and welcome to The English Square! We are a specialized English school with trained and qualified English teachers to assist your on your journey to reaching fluency in English.


Here, you will have the opportunity to choose a package which works for you. If you are just starting out at The English Square, we recommend selecting the STARTERS package. If you would like to take regular lessons, we recommend the MONTHLY package and if you are just looking at purchasing a set number of lessons, choose the FLEXIBLE package.

If you’re not sure which package to select, please fill out our inquiry form below.

Next steps?


1) Select your package

2) Wait for our email where you will be required to take a proficiency test; this gives us a better idea of your level of English.

3) Book your first lesson on our calendar on the website (see attached).

4) You will be matched with an expert teacher who will add you on Skype.

5) Start your first lesson!


Buy a once-off package of 3 lessons and an evaluation with an expert teacher

  • 2 one-on-one standard English lessons
  • 1 Group Session with students of the same level of English
  • A full evaluation of your English skills


Dedicate to taking weekly lessons. Payments will go off automatically each month.

  • 4 one-on-one standard English lessons
  • 2 Group Sessions per month: with students of the same level of English
  • 1 Blog post published on blog


Pay upfront & book lessons when you want (no need to take weekly lessons)

  • 15 one-on-one standard English lessons
  • Business, Conversational or a Custom Course
  • A full evaluation of your English skills

Founder, Rebecca Hope

Founder of The English Square with over 8 years of experience in language acquisition teaching, journalism and broadcasting, I have studied linguistics along with 5 different languages.

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What Our Students Say About Us

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    I am a professional teacher from Cape Town with many...

We're excited to have you join The English Square and stay dedicated to your language acquisition and communication improvement journey. Please select one of the options for your sessions.

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