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2838 Total Cryptocurrencies
Total Market Cap $338.66B

In 2018 sealed more than $45 million for clients through proposals, speeches and applications by means of speech and writing development.

✓ 400+ executives
✓ 38+ nationalities
✓ $45m+ achieved

"85% of success comes from others, 15% comes from yourself. I can use and have access to a high energy because of my teacher. Of course, there is my effort, but without his/her existence and guidance, I would not be able to use it. The environment and people around you determine how much success you can get." - Riichi Kitano [martial artist]





Forensic Linguistics

Executive Speech Coach

rebecca@theenglishsquare.com | +1 312 731 0600

Developing language, interpersonal and communications skills for the purpose of at-stake presentations, negotiations, speeches and interviews.

Diverse international experience in language development, communication, e-learning, software development, radio and online marketing. Trained in language acquisition, cross-cultural communication and the cycle of online marketing campaigns.

Unlocking powerful speech.

  • Public Speaking
  • TV Interviews
  • Radio Interview
  • Presentations
  • Improvisation
  • Pitches
  • Negotiations

The Power of Words

Within 10 seconds of meeting you, a stranger will sum you up. They will make a calculated judgement about your value based on your clothing, body language, physical appearance, intent in your eyes, and, most importantly.. your speech!

The elements of speech which shape your business colleagues’ impression of you are vast; rhythm, articulation, tone, stress syllables, word choice, use of fillers, speed, your breathing. All these factors combined, if developed and correctly applied, will make a huge difference in your business or professional endeavors.

My goal is to see you grow and succeed within your professional pursuits. Having a present mind, setting intentions and, most of all, speaking with authority, eloquence and ease will set you on a path of confidence as you engage in business.

Focus on Growth

Everyone has the potential to grow. If you have a growth mindset, you will embrace your speech challenges, persistently work on improving them, view effort as a path to mastery and learn from criticism that I will give you.

Don’t fall into the trap that many executives fall into; getting comfortable and upholding an ego. Of course, having an ego is important but in our sessions, we will have to step down, humble ourselves and be ready to grow in a practical manner.

Your Contribution


Positive attitude


As featured on

2838 Total Cryptocurrencies
Total Market Cap $338.66B


“She knows her stuff in terms of digital marketing and immediately started questioning our project/product through the customers eyes.” – Dean McClelland, Founder and CEO of Tontine Trust

“Great talking to Rebecca – charming and professional” – Karl Kirchhoff, CEO and Co-founder of Sportsfix

“I have done quite a few interviews and Rebecca seems to be the best host I’ve had thus far.” – Tarik Khribech, Founder of Labor Crypto

"Rebecca is more than just a teacher, she is a very clever and interesting person. I think it's very important to have lessons with a teacher who can tell a lot not only about language. This teacher can help you - can give advice in difficult life situations. Rebecca is amazing and gives me a lot of support with interesting conversations and homework. Many thanks, Rebecca!" - Margarita, Founder of Learn By Heart

“Most interviewers prefer question scripts. It says a lot that Rebecca just dives in.” – Charles Wismer, Co-Founder, Deedcoin


Los Angeles

  • rebecca@theenglishsquare.com
  • +1 312-731-0600


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