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Transform your organisation through better  speech 

✓ accelerate growth
✓ maximise opportunities
✓ increase momentum
specialised coaching
agile learning
multidisciplinary method

Group Coaching

We use a 360 methodology to unlock the full potential of your talent with international speakers and coaches in essential disciplines such as public speaking, linguistics, pitching, storytelling and communication.

Insights-driven Outcomes

Different to many other coaching programs where results are rarely measurable, our high impact corporate training programs use detailed metrics to align personal and company growth.

Hybrid Learning Model

Completion rates of online self-paced courses have been a core problem in corporate communication learning. We use live training combined with an immersive digital learning experience. 

Behavioural & Cognitive

Our coaches use both behavioural and cognitive training in the areas of content structuring, storytelling, vocal performance, body language, linguistics, improvisation, audience engagement, emotional intelligence and cross-cultural communication.
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Better speech, better teams

Our multidisciplinary approach transforms organisations on multiple levels.


It costs 33% of an employee's annual salary to replace them. A long-term learning investment retains 94% of employees for longer. 


A fully-engaged workforce can deliver 2x the revenue post-training. 


Boosted productivity expressed by 91% of companies and 81% of employees.


Team building from our 360 learning model can improve work ethic and innovation up to 10x.

beyond language

nurturing high-performing teams

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In a global context where English is the most spoken language and used by roughly 1.3 billion people, effective communication in English requires more than just proficiency in the language.

Supporting the speaking skills of your company's employees on every level is required for effective communication, cohesion, team building, growth and sustainability.

Losses to gains

Protect your most valuable resource - time.


of meetings are considered to be failures


of time is spent speaking by upper management


of adults feel nervous speaking in public

Impactful Speaking

Our innovative training focuses on the fundamentals of speech.

Pitching Ideas

Develop your team's pitching skills to gain stakeholder buy-in and win over your audience.


Navigate scenarios by telling effective stories through rhetoric, linguistics, structure and emotions.

Confidence Building

Transform your teams into confident speakers who can navigate complex situations with ease.

High Impact 
360 Speaking Model

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Our in-depth analyses designed to align speaking and business performance provide key insights for the growth of the company.


International speakers demonstrate up close what excellent speech looks and sounds like, helping participants realise their potential.


Video and audio lessons in our online portal guides your team through the entire course, offering an insightful resource for deeper development.

Live Coaching

Coaches specialised in storytelling, linguistics, communication, pitching, vocal performance, body language, emotional intelligence and audience engagement help participants master their speaking abilities through high impact live coaching.

How it works

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As your strategic communications partner, we're interested in how the personal development of employees' speaking skills can contribute to the company's growth.

Our streamlined outcomes-focused process makes this possible.

Book training dates

Set aside dates that work for all partipants


Each participant takes part in an intake interview and survey

Live Group Training

Specialised coaches and international speakers lead the high impact training

Continued development

A long-term development solution is implemented
Getting Your Team Prepared For

All Speaking Engagements

Meetings & Presentations

Keynote Speeches


You're in Good Company

Our coaches have trained some of the world's leading organisations, including employees of
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Deutsche Bank




Turkish Airlines

Banco BAI



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