Intro Video Consultation

Is recording an intro video of yourself for your profile stopping you from starting your journey as an online English teacher? I know it can be scary recording yourself in front of a camera. You can end up spending hours trying to get the perfect video without getting anywhere, leaving you feeling hopeless and despondent about teaching online.

Your intro video is crucial to your success as an online English teacher. Your potential students will make a judgement on you within the first 10 seconds of viewing your video and decide whether or not they want to book lessons with you. Regular students will book at least one or two lessons with you per week which could amount to about $100 in earnings per month off just one student. My intro video only had about 1000 views and got me over 300 students, allowing me to earn over R500 000 in just 2 years! The same can happen in your case if you have an outstanding intro video.

It is my mission to do everything possible to get you set up to start earning online and the last thing I want is the recording of this video to stop you. This is why I will be offering you the option to schedule a 60-minute one-on-one consultation with me where I will be reviewing your intro video script and recording a professional high-quality video. We will record up to 5 versions of your video after developing an impressive script. You will receive your edited video within 7 days after the consultation.

What you get:

Intro video script development
Raw footage and audio of 5 versions of an intro video
One edited 2-3 minute video

How to schedule your slot:

Send an email to requesting a time to film your intro video.


R650 (includes 1-hour of filming, editing and proof reading your script)


Professional high definition camera
High-quality recording microphone

Book your slot by scheduling with Rebecca directly (

Be sure to book yours soon.