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Hi, and welcome to Coffee Chats with Rebecca, a space where I share some insights, advice and case studies to help you prepare for speeches, meetings and negotiations. My goal is to see you grow in all your business endeavors, starting at the point of speech. Together, we will explore the many elements of speech from psychology right through to the linguistic and phonetic aspects. In an ever-changing globalized world, conversation has never been more important. We absolutely need to grow and develop in our thinking in order to successfully cooperate with people of different cultures and languages. I would love to have you follow my podcasts and be a part of the discussion!

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Are you ready for a speech coach?

Do you have upcoming speeches, presentations, interviews or negotiations? I would love to work with you on improving your speech. In our sessions, we will work practically on preparing you. We will take a look at breathing, tone, articulation, pace, structure, word choice, body language, and most importantly prepare you mentally by addressing the core causes of your speech challenges.