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About Me:

Online English Teaching Coach Rebecca Hope has been teaching English all over the world in physical language schools in Europe and online using Verbling (online language-learning platform) as her main source of income. Since 2013, she has managed to live in 14 different cities and 5 different countries thanks to teaching English online. She has taught over 2000 lessons to over 400 students from more that 40 different countries in one-on-one and group sessions online.

Qualified in linguistics and sociology, Rebecca has studied five languages and speaks three fluently. She has a deep passion for languages and enabling others to acquire a second, third or fourth language. Having studied psycholinguistics, syntax, semantics and phonetics, Rebecca has a holistic understanding of language and how the brain acquires a language. Her practical experience of living abroad and integrating in foreign countries like Poland and Italy has given Rebecca first-hand insight on cultural and linguistic adaptation which are essential for successful communication.

Teaching English online has not only allowed Rebecca to travel the world, but also enabled her to invest into her other passion - music. All Rebecca's music projects were funded by hours of teaching English. Thanks to teaching English online, she is now able to perform her music across the world.

Rebecca's desire is to do as much as she can to see unemployment in her home country (South Africa) decrease. Many teachers in South Africa feel frustrated, undervalued and underpaid. Teachers' salaries make it almost impossible for them to raise a family, save money and be able to travel. Online English teaching is a way for teachers to earn a decent income which will allow them to experience financial freedom.

Today, Rebecca runs online English teaching workshops across South Africa empowering English teachers to get started with earning a great income online doing what they love.

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