The English Square

Rebecca Hope

Musical Artist,  Linguist,  Public Speaking Coach,  EdTech Founder of The English Square
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With an international track record in music performance, language teaching and public speaking coaching, Rebecca Hope speaks on topics relating to creativity for innovation, agility, cross-cultural communication, storytelling in any context, and the role of EdTech in supporting growth. 

Rebecca recently spoke at the African Startup Awards in Ethiopia and has been featured on News24, Dash Radio, Glamour and media outlets worldwide.

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Birthed out of solving a socioeconomic problem in 2019, musical artist, linguist and speaking coach Rebecca Hope started training prospective and practicing South African English teachers to teach English online with the goal of providing a promising alternative work option in a context where unemployment is a pressing societal issue with over 50% of the country's youth unemployed. This came after Rebecca herself had been an online teacher on the Edtech platform Verbling since 2016. Her online teaching lifestyle had enabled her to pursue a passion in music, traveling internationally to write, record and perform original music as a singer and violinist. Using her story to empower other South Africans, hundreds of teachers were trained nationwide to teach conversational English lessons online, building a sustainable online teaching practice using EdTech.  

As a Nelson Mandela University graduate in Applied Language Studies, Rebecca continued her research in addressing communication needs beyond language. After months of research and development with various groups in the UK, Germany, South Africa, Ethiopia, and the Netherlands in 2022 and 2023, it became clear that the existing solutions for organisations tackling speech problems lacked in many areas of quality, efficiency and scalability. 

Furthering studies in Economics and Business Development at Vrije University, Rebecca's startup The English Square was awarded winner of the Amsterdam Startup Launch 2023 through a competitive program supported by Ernst & Young, Golden Egg Check Capital, and Roland Berger. Her online learning platform offers a multidisciplinary insights-driven method of speech development. 

Employees and executives of Fortune 500 companies including Google, Amazon and the likes, and TEDx talkers have experienced personal and professional transformation essential for growth through Rebecca's training. Recently, Estée Lauder Companies' executive tech team took part in a 3-day live training at their Global Technology Center in Bucharest, Romania, expressing that "It was the best training ever - how speech can improve an organisation's performance" (Okem Molokwu, Director Business Analysis).

"It's heartening to see such a passionate exchange of ideas on EdTech and social entrepreneurship in Africa. Your insights on the synergy between music, creativity, and innovation are particularly exciting. We are honored to have had you share your experiences and to see the powerful connections being forged. Here's to continued learning and innovation in Africa's vibrant tech and education scene!"

- Global Startup Awards Africa 

"Rebecca's exceptional coaching and training abilities make her a highly valuable asset to any team. Her remarkable public speaking skills were truly evident during the GSA event, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to get to know her."

- Meklit Debebe, Founder at Afro Ticket, AGYLE 40 under 40 fellow

"I attended Rebecca's storytelling workshop, in March 2023 at the Venture Cafe Rotterdam. It was engaging, well managed, and thoughtful during and beyond it. Definitely, she and her workshop has had an impact on my journey!"

- Omid Hajishirmohammadi, Founder, 4OMID

Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to connect with an audience, pass over your intentions, share your personality and invite others into your home.
Rebecca Hope
Author of Elevate Your Flow
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Winner of the Amsterdam Startup Launch Competition 2023 backed by Ernst & Young, Roland Berger, Golden Egg Check and Vrije University.
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