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Designed to activate your English

As part of improving your English, it is important that you try surround yourself with as many videos and audio recordings of real life events as possible. In this way, you will learn vocabulary that is used more colloquially in everyday language.


Often we can get caught up in an isolated language learning environment where we just have our one-on-one English lessons and read books. This is definitely not enough! We need to try to immerse ourselves in the spoken word to try understand the cultural nuisances and relevant topics. Learning a language is not just learning words – it’s seeking to understand a culture. It takes a lot of time and effort on your part. This is why it is suggested that you spend 10 – 15 minutes per day on listening to English TV shows, podcasts, comedy shows – the more unedited the better! As this is how you will learn how to native speakers truly communicate.


We have compiled a list of interesting videos from different topics and with a different nature of speech: monologues, interviews, panel discussions. Hopefully, these videos will open your understand to different phrases and expressions used in different contexts. Remember to have a positive, open mind before watching these videos so that you can really absorb all that is said.

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