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The TED Formula

Feb 27 / Rebecca Hope

How did TED talks become the premium go-to talk platform in the knowledge economy? What keeps us so captivated by the topics and speakers? Exactly that. The topics and speakers. 

At some point, many of us have dreamt about delivering a TED talk. The ultimate platform where your voice can be respected, heard and contributing to society in a meaningful way. The embodiment of what's hot in the ideological space. 

So what's the formula? How can you get a piece of that TED formula? What's in the potion? Give me those TED vibes!

We could go through the usual: story-telling, persuasion, structure, synthesizing information, and audience engagement. Don't get me wrong - those are all important and I teach those subjects in depth in my courses. 

But I want to give you something that's really going to help you as a speaker. The truth is... the formula is within you. And it's unique to you. Every person has a different flow and story to tell.

Perhaps one of the most difficult adventures is to master yourself. Know why you're doing what you're doing, speaking about your topic, feeling a particular way toward your topic and what exchange you want to have with your audience. 

When it comes to your topic, it's your edge that will establish you as a thought leader. What's your angle on the topic? How invested are you in your topic? Know the ins and out of it. In preparation, take it apart and then put it back together like a work of art. 

Believe your voice has something important to say. No one else has lived the life you've lived and knows what you know. Take your audience on a trip through the library of your knowledge and experience. Show them around. Give them some depth. 

I want to give you 10 steps to speak like a TED talker. I really do. And maybe another similar upcoming article will follow. But for now, the most important thing to remember is that the formula of your captivating and valuable speech lies within you and you alone. 

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