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Celebrating Sarah Lamine

Mar 14 / The English Square

It is not often that a speaker moves an audience to be fully invested in them as a brand and person. This month, we are celebrating an incredibly inspiring woman who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership from Africa to the world. 

Content sure is king in today's ever-shifting technological landscape. Digital marketing skills are massively lacking in the workforce with institutions unable to keep up with the 24-hour communication required to lock in their clients' trust through multiple media channels.

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Trilingual Tunisian software engineer Sarah Lamine started her career in data and media buying. After a transformational experience which she shares in her speeches and stories, her now international performance agency Convergen has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2019.  

According to Convergen, the company has managed $15 million in ad spend, over $70 million in trackable revenue and an 880% increase in revenue with a top talent team from their dynamic base in Tunisia. Sarah and her team know the digital landscape and how to use creative media combined with data and fast learning marketing strategies to scale while building deep meaningful relationships with customers through community-building.  

The sky is the limit for the smart "growth slayer". Her journey as an exclusive public speaker of the world's largest e-commerce and digital marketing conference Affiliate World has propelled her launch of Live Metrics, a marketing  intelligence SaaS tool.  

Sarah Lamine recently lit up the stage at Affiliate World in Dubai sharing novel methods of transforming problems into processes as a way to reclaim hours, our most valuable resource. Leading the way forward with a unique ability to leverage both artificial intelligence and human connection, we celebrate the wonder woman!

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